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Welcome Graha Yajñas Lakshmi Kubera Yajña AtmaNarayana Kavach Dhanvantri Yajña

This is a sample of the Suyra Graha Yajña. The Jyotish Chart on the right would be replaced with your Jyotish Chart for the actual yajña.

Surya Yantra

Surya Yajña


  • Listen to the mantras and chant until you are able to chant the mantras accurately - only the mantras, not the meaning.
  • Adjust your screen resolution using the [Alt] key and the [-] key so that you can view the entire picture of Surya Yantra plus your Jyotish Yantra plus the mantras.
  • Place a candle or ghee lamp before the images of the Surya Yantra and your Jyotish Chakra
  • Record your chanting of these mantras. You can create your own local recording or call +1 505 xxx xxxx and speak your name and say your are recording Surya Yajña
  • Chant the Surya Yajña 9 times into the telephone recording
  • If you record into an MP3 file on your computer then email it to

Surya Yajna Sanskrit

Om Hreem
Japâ kusuma-samkâs’am
kâs’ayapeyam mahâ-dyutîm
thamo-rim sarva-pâpa-ghnam
pranato ‘smî divâkaram

Meaning: I invoke the fullness of the Absolute together with the Relative as I chant the glories of Surya, whose beauty rivals that of a flower. I bow down to him, the greatly effulgent son of Kasyapa, and who is the enemy of darkness – may he destroy all my karma.


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