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Now that you are beginning on the Path to Brahman Consciousness, the âsuric forces will rise up to block your progress. Âsura means against sura or against the Divine. To be against the Divine means to view one's life as independent and separate from the Divine.

Cycle of EvolutionIn the great cycle of evolution that begins with the separation of the jiva from S'iva, there is a descending arc and an ascending arc - see the diagram on the right. At some point in the eons of evolution and innumerable lifetimes since the initial pragya-aparadh that separated the jiva from S'iva, a being makes a conscious decision to discover its relationship with God and move in the direction of returning home. At that time the arc of evolution changes from stagnant or descending to ascending.

It is natural for beings on the decending path to challenge and oppose being on the ascending path. If we are to succeed on the ascending path we must not be deterred by these opposing forces.

The greatest bulk of âsuric beings exist in the etheric regions closest to the physical plane. This realm is populated by beings between lives, usually in the early stages of breaking away from the physical after death of the body.

Beings may exist in the etheric realms for hundreds or even thousands of years. They are attracted to physical beings who can  provide them with a means to vicariously satisfy their desires. In extreme situations they are the cause of what we call mental illness. For most individuals they produce a relentless stream of cravings and desires.

The âsuric beings attach themselves like leeches to points of weakness where individuals have ungrounded emotional energies and physical defects and weakness. They draw nourishment from the individual and produce a general weaking effect.

When an individual begins on the Path to Brahman Consciousness, the practices and knowledge provide a strengthening and evolutionary influence on the ascending path. This threatens the existence of the âsuric leeches as the ungrounded energies that provide them entry are transmuted. So they fight back all the more to maintain their existence.

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