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The Dhanvantri



In our Universe there is an aspect of God known as Lord Vishnu who is responsible for the maintenance of the Universe (Lord Brahma is the Creator, Lord Vishnu is the Maintainer, and Lord Shiva is the Destroyer). Lord Vishnu manifests in a number of ways to accomplish His tasks, and one of those aspects is The Dhanvantri, the physician of the devas and the source of Ayurveda for the perfect health of the human race.

The Dhanvantri is shown holding a container of Amrit, the nectar of immortality. This is to illustrate that He has the ability to confer immortality. The Dhanvantri is invoked to re-establish the full compliment of 12 strands of DNA. He will also perform any necessary healings to transform the physiology into Satyug physiology.

The Dhanvantri is a Celestial Being so He is not perceived by physical senses. He can be perceived by the senses of the Manomaya Kosha. His work is conducted in the subtle bodies, which translates into changes in the physical body.

Absolute Body - Four BrainsYour new Satyug body you will be generating is modeled after the eternal, unchanging Absolute Body for the residents of Goloka. This physical body has 12-strands of DNA and, most notably, 4 brain centers and the spinal column is a loop of nervous tissue that connects all the brain centers. The intelligence is 1000 times greater than the typical Kaliyug physiology, i.e. instead of an IQ of 100 being normal, the IQ of the normal Satyug individual would be 100,000. Each of the four brains are specialized to connect with a corresponding subtle body:

  1. Vjñanamaya Kosha connects with the Vjñanamastiskam and controls the Knowledge center
  2. Manomaya Kosha connects with the Manomastiskam and is the brain concerned with thinking and planning
  3. Pranamaya Kosha connects with the Pranamastiskam and is the center of feeling.
  4. Anamaya Kosha connects with the Anamastiskam and is responsible for all physical body functions

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